GraWolfe's From the Heart 2
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 From the Heart 2

Image background courtesy of Lady Kali
Poem "Walk Softly" by Elise Maclay

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I borrowed a poem from the sky and music from a bird
I stole a chime out of the wind and from the rose, a word
I asked for a song from the hills a phrase from the silver rain
I took the footsteps you showed me out of the cobbled lane
I walked the waters of time with humor and nothing of mine
I gambled for more than the earth I gambled for what we're worth
All through this ... I know now as the eye of the eagle can see
Life is not a when, it's a how to win the cry of the Wolf In Me!

©Petra Brandt

Echoes of my Grandfathers Talking Leaves,
Flutter down thru the ages,
As spirits of generations pass thru the Creators Heart,
With yesterdays’ cherished dreams -
And, of the Ones chosen to record thru time and space.
Whispering Leaves becomes a written voice,
Another voice.. another voice.. another voice........

-© Sequoyah 1996

We were created together
The Wolf and I
Existing in each other,
Blending in harmony..
Each beholds the Creator,
With the same EYES!

-© Sequoyah 1997

My last goodbye

Through these golden eyes
I can truly see
a time long past
When I used to be free.

Though things will never change
just for me
I dream of so many
other places I could be.

In the dark shadows of the night
I howl a tear.
Never during the day
I won't show man my fear.

My loneliness is unjust
and yet never so clear.
You should feel my pain
each time you look in the mirror.

Lying down, I close my eyes
and then I sigh,
I didn't get a chance
to tell my sisters "Goodbye".

I am a wolf
this is plain to see.
If I beg, would you take
this leg trap off of me?

©Jim O'Hara

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