GraWolfe's From The Heart 3
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From the Heart...3

Many of these poems are property and copyrighted by their respective owners. Please do not take without first asking their permission. Thank you.

"To Walk Alone"

To walk alone is to stand alone.
One wolf walks alone into the night.
For the lone wolf stands with pride.
For all he has achieved in his life.
Because no one stands in his way
or by his side.
Author Unknown


"The north wind howls,
And with it,
I hear the Voices
Of a hundred-thousand Strong,
Crying out in endless agony,
The senseless slaughter of my People,
As Mankind stakes a claim
O'er all the Earth;
A foul stench rises,
The rotting of naked flesh,
And I see the countless bodies
Of my fallen Brethren,
Fallen like the Buffalo,
Fallen like the Redman,
And my Heart longs for the day
When my People shall rise up,
And We will reclaim
That which Mankind has taken,
And We will wipe away the stains,
Leaving the now pure air,
With our Howls."

©Siwel D. Dlanod (author)

Plight Of The Wolf

Not long ago on a star filled night
Were seen the shadow of wolves running light
When the moon waxed full and waning high
There beaconed the howl of Moon Dancer's cry

The sound of danger was heard in her voice
Warily the pack scattered not given any choice
Because of the stalker who was coming quite near
They left behind their young and cozy warm lair

Heard in the distance was the crack of a gun
And the piercing cry of a wounded companion
They hurried their pace for freedom up ahead
Instinctively they knew some were left for dead

The Alphas had raced ahead of the pack
It being their job to keep them on track
Cautiously they herded them all back around
Stopping to sniff and listening for sounds

They were all led safely back to their mound
Back to the den was where they all were bound
Stealthily they encircled their warm cozy den
Watching for intruders or any signs of men

The subordinate male laid rather still
Giving the Alphas all the horrid details
Visions of death was the pack's awful dread
Knowing they'd find all their pups left for dead

Moon Dancer slowly padded away with head hung low
Howling her anguish towards the moon's soft glow
God heard her wail and thought with some regret
If only I had made man a little more compassionate

He made us to live harmoniously upon this land
Whether it be an animal or the superior elated man
What right do we have to wipe out this dream
Of the One who will always reign Highly Supreme?

Copyright © August 1998 by ShyWolf a.k.a. Ruthie Roberts

Lady Wolf Life

On a dark afternoon I remain calm,
Soft but subtle is the touch of my voice.
Deep and powerful is my goodness,
"For I am the Lady Beast"
Simple in my name, I have faced life
as no one will.
I am Hope, Strength and Freedom.
On a gloomy day all I see is Tomorrow...
I am the Power, the Light and the Thunder...
My stare is unique to only those who
have been touched by me.
I guard my deepest thoughts and feelings,
My insides want to scream out,
But my composure won't let me.
For I am the Mistress of Faith,
My destiny will by all means be

Tina M. aka RWLadyWolf

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