GraWolfe's From The Heart 4
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From the Heart...4

Many of these poems are property and copyrighted by their respective owners. Please do not take without first asking their permission. Thank you.

"Wolf Dreams"

Intense beautiful eyes
Gaze over the landscape,
What does the exquisite
Wolf see
The hunter that tracks her
to slaughter her and the pups
She will bring forth at the
Next full moon.
Or does the shewolf
See a place of beauty and peace.
and a safe haven for her
and her cubs.
A land where they can grow
and frolic and run free
in the forest, and howl at the moon,
In joyful anticipation of being.
She closes her lovely eyes
And dreams of a world
Where she can live
Without the fear of being
Hunted by viscous men.

Mari Van-Katwyk

Spirit of Wolf

"In the beginning of all things,
wisdom and knowledge were
with the animals; for Tirawa,
the One Above, did not speak
directly to man. He sent certain
animals to tell men that he
showed himself through the
beasts, and that from them, and
from the stars and the sun and
the moon, man should learn.
Tirawa spoke to man through
his works".

Chief Letakots-Lesa
Pawnee Tribe

Voices in the Night

Last night as I was walking
through the forest green,
I heard soft voices talking
But no one could be seen

I strained my eyes so I could see
from where the voices came
and as I stood beside a tree
the voices called my name

The voices told me not to dread
I knew I had nothing to fear
for I knew that I must forge ahead
of this I was very clear

I kept on walking, my head held high
as the voices kept summoning me,
as I stepped into a clearing, oh my
what a wonderous sight did I see

In front of me a wolf pack stood
such a beautiful sight to behold,
They asked me to stay if I could
for something important must be told

They told me to please go tell man
that they never mean to harm
they want to live the best they can
and do not want to alarm

That man and beast were put on earth
and for a very good reason
For like man, we too have worth
and we all live season to season

We all are here because the One above
made Mother Nature our mother
we must live as one and give our love
and call each other brother.

By: Spirit of Wolf(Lani J. Adams)

Hear our humble prayer. O God, for our friends the Animals. Especially for animals that are suffering; for animals that are lost or deserted or frightened or hungry or aging or sick.

We entreat for all of them Your mercy and pity, and for those who live with them we ask friendship, devotion and understanding, and above all, Love, and for those who tend to them we ask a heart of compassion and gentle hands and kindly words.

Make us, ourselves, to be true friends to animals and so to share the blessings of the merciful.

Author unknown


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