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My name is Sue and I'm here with my children, Matt, Crys, and Delia. This is a REALLY old picture and I'll try to update it asap.

The name "GraWolfe" was given to me by a local Shaman. She has taught me many things and has taken me on journeys to places I could only imagine in dreams. My Sister and Spirit Guide is Wolf and finding her was most special. Click the link to find out more.

My Ex was an abusive man who drank and did drugs which only made things worse when he got angry. I thank my Higher Power that I had the courage to get out of there when I did. I packed my three children and everything I could fit into my little Ford Ranger Pickup and left on a cold day in November 1994.

We have a good family life now and are beginning to explore my children's Native American Heritage. Their paternal grandmother is Blackfoot/Lakota and we have been researching their "journeys". It has been quite an interesting lesson and also a disheartening one. It saddens me to hear some of the stories of abuse and the torture the American Indian has had to endure.

I'm trying to find out how to research the genealogy of my children so that I can register them with the nation. If ANYONE can help, please let me

Click here for our page on the Blackfoot Nation. It's still under construction but we hope it will soon be full of information.

We continue to learn and if anyone is interested in helping my children learn more than I can teach them, please do so. I appreciate all the help I can get.

By the way, they love hearing the stories that have been passed along over the years. If anyone would like to share one with us, we would love to hear one. Please contact us through the Guestbook.

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