Blackfoot (Siksika) heritage
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This Page is still under construction.

One thing I've learned so far, is the difference between "Blackfeet" and "Blackfoot". In the days of the old west, the white men referred to this branch of Lakota as "blackfeet", because they took away the natives' shoes and they became black. I've been told, that the proper name for this branch of the Siksika Nation is "Blackfoot" because it refers to a Nation and not their dirty feet! LOL

We are beginning to explore my children's American Indian Heritage. I am trying to find out how to prove my children's lineage and register them with their tribe.

We will continue to learn and if anyone is interested in helping my children learn more than I can teach them, please do so. I appreciate all the help I can get.

The Siksika (Blackfoot) Nation.

The Siksika Nation are members of the Blackfoot Confederation living in the Canadian province of Alberta. The Blackfoot Confederation is comprised of three main Tribal Nations. The two other Alberta members are the Kainai (Blood) and Pikunni (North Peigan)Nation with the other member being the Blackfoot (South Peigan) Nation who reside in Montana, USA.

ęSiksika Nation

About the Siksika Coat-of-Arms....

...the buffalo have always been central to the Siksika way of life,
a resource for food, clothing, shelter and tools...thus honored in
the center of this Nation's symbolic portrait

...the main Siksika societies are graphically displayed wih seven
segmented arrows... the Horn, Bear, Blackshirts, Buffalo Woman, Crazy
Dog, Bee and Mutsix

...with the signing of the peace Treaty No. 7, a peace pipe was placed
over the tomahawk

...three primary colours reflect the promises of peace made with
Treaty No. 7..."we will keep the peace for as long as the sun shines
yellow, the grass grows green and the river flows blue"

...a feather is placed on the left to represent the pre-treaty way of
life for our Siksika ancestors...the right feather represents the new
Siksika generation

Coat-of-Arms designed by
Mark Wolfleg Jr. - Siksika Nation

Text Copied from Ian Breaker.
Wa do

The Blackfoot Language

Blackfoot is an Algonquian language spoken by about 5000 people of the Blood, Peigan, an Siksika tribes in southern Alberta and Northern Montana. Its closest sister within the Algonquian family is Cree. There is no native or standard Blackfoot orthography although D.G. Frantz has developed one in order to write the Blackfoot Dictionary.

The language is currently in a period of rapid change between what its speakers classify as "Old Blackfoot" and "New Blackfoot"; dialects spoken by older and younger generations respectively.

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