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RE: Boycott

To know what this is all about... you can download a zipped file of the commercial by clicking here. I tried downloading most of the commercials directly from the site, but most of them didn't work as they were incomplete files. had a commercial which they eventually removed from the airwaves. It depicted a pack of wolves attacking a high school marching band. Though this is most likely computer generated (or they may not be wolves at all, but dogs who look like wolves), it is a moot point. Many people will not know the difference and they will believe what they see.

For those of you who are in possession of the following addresses and numbers, please bear with the repetition so that we can bring our newcomers up to speed - we want and need all the help we can get.


NAWA received the following e-mail from a supporter in New York last week:

To: nawa.webmaster: Please forward to the appropriate person.

Are you aware of the current television advertising being run by a company called OutPost.Com? It is running on the Fox Network here in the New York area. Among other outrageous scenes, it depicts wolves being turned loose and attacking a high school band in a football stadium.

I have phoned the local Fox Affiliate:
205 EAST 67TH ST.
NEW YORK, NY 10021
212-452-5555 (PROGRAMMING)

and the company responsible
1-877-OUTPOST (toll free)

with my objections.

If there is something/someone else I can voice my objections to, would you be good enough to let me know. I think the ads are sending a horrible message. Particularly at a time when there is so much objection to wolves being re-introduced into the wild. Showing children being attacked by wolves will not help the cause. Thank you for your time.


David Sudekum, a close and trusted brother has done a little homework and has furnished us with additional contact information about this irresponsible commercial now airing on Fox.

Cyberian Outpost (OUTPOST9-DOM)
27 North Main Street
Kent, CT 06757
Domain Name: OUTPOST.COM
Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
Starkenburg, Michael (MS1095) stark@OUTPOST.COM
860-927-2050 (FAX) 860-927-2055

Billing Contact:
Starkenburg, Michael (MS1095) stark@OUTPOST.COM
860-927-2050 (FAX) 860-927-2055

Record last updated on 19-Aug-97.
Record created on 11-Jul-97.
Database last updated on 26-Dec-98 02:54:17 EST.

Domain servers in listed order:

Let's make good use of it, shall we? Please remember that we wish to make a point and the use of profanity and name calling only causes the receiver to become defensive and angry - you win nothing. The goal is to get this company to stop airing this commercial. It's been our experience that when you want the attention of corporate management, you make every effort to be polite, to the point and short. Don't write them a book, they won't read it and they won't respond to it.

We are asking three things of you:

1) To boycott and their products - until they agree to remove this offensive piece of advertisement from the airwaves.

2) That you inform as many people as possible of it's existence and ask them to join the boycott.

3) That you please take a few minutes to send a letter to Fox, and the web host.

Feeling bad or upset about it, shaking your head and saying what a "shame" it is won't change a thing. The small action of a few letters and phone calls will only take a few moments of your time. After the immeasurable effort to educate the public about the truth behind the mystery that has shrouded wolves for centuries, this kind of irresponsible pubilicity can seriously and irreversibly damage recovery programs - not to mention the Farm Bureau's vicious stranglehold on the wolves in Yellowstone and Idaho. Make no mistake, the Farm Bureau wants those wolves dead and they'll stop at nothing to get that job done.

We also wish to thank everyone who offered to tape the commercial and send it to us. Please share it with friends. Ask their opinion and help explain why this could be a serious detriment to the wolf recovery program. Ask them to write a letter on behalf of the wolves.

The only hope those wolves have is an outcry from the American people.. who will not feel so charitable toward wolf reintroduction with commericals produced by ill informed and irresponsible companies like the Please help us. You are their only voice...

Thank you.

For the Wolves,

Rae Evening Earth Ott,

North American Wolf Association
23214 Tree Bright Lane
Spring, Texas 77373
(281) 821-4884

I firmly believe we have to do something about this company... Please help where you can.

The Connecticut Fox Affiliate is located in Hartford, Connecticut, and can be contacted at: Fox 61 Programming

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