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I want to thank all those that supported me in 1998 at the Peace Trail.

Thank You All!

Please feel free to take one of these thank you gifts.

Thank you Ro!

Thank you Kay!

I entered these competitions to bring attention to the plight of the wolf. They need and deserve whatever help we can give!

In recent years, I have begun to develop a new spirit. It may not be the wild and crazy, yahoo type that people think of first, but it is just as important. I hope that I have been able to inspire you, inform you, touch your heart, and relax you a little during your journey here.

Wolf plays a very important part in my life. Wolf is my sister and Spirit Guide. Because Wolf is known to me that is the form she takes. I have gone to her mystic place on several occasions to reflect and to listen. Wolf signifies teaching and wisdom. I know that if a man or woman can just stop for a few seconds to listen -- he or she will learn.

"Wolves, like all other wildlife, have a right to exist
in a wild state. This right is in no way related to
their known value to mankind. Instead, it derives from
the right of all living creatures to co-exist with
[us] as part of the natural ecosystem."
-Manifesto on Wolf Conservation
World Conservation Union

You are listening to "In the Morning Light" and it is one of my favorites by Yanni

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