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Karin and Socrates

Wow! It's hard to believe Chetan is almost 11 years old. He was born to Karin and (probably) Socrates. He was the only male in the litter, so he was easy to recognize from the first, and he was the smallest. Chetan continued to be the smallest in his litter after they were removed for hand rearing. All in the litter grew and gained weight.

Chetan was a little snuggle pup from the beginning. Observers who were familiar with Karin and Socrates as infants, say that Chetan seems to blend the best of both parents, but so far has not displayed Socrates' short fuse. It looks tho as if Chetan has inherited Socates' looks, Karin's temperament, and some athletic ability from both.

Chetan has been up and down through the ranks of the Main Pack at Wolf Park, having even made it to Beta (2003-2005)until Renki took over. I will be updating some more with the help of Monty Sloan and Pat Goodman at Wolf Park.

Coming Soon - 2005 Puppy News! (Chetan & Erin)

Here are some of my favorite pictures of Chetan

The above information is from Wolf Park Official Updates on Chetan. There is more information on Chetan coming. For permission to use or for more information about wolf photographs please write Monty Sloan / Wolf Park

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