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My Awards Den
My Awards Den

In my travels, I have come across some sights that have deeply touched my heart and soul. I wanted to thank some of the people with an Award of my own, in the hopes that they may make other people's journeys special as well.

Your site can be about anything, but I prefer wolves. However there are a few conditions. Your page must be unique, family friendly, include content (not just links), and must not contain any vulgar or obsene images or language.

If you feel that you meet this criteria, or know someone that does, please email me or sign my Guestbook. Don't forget to let me know the URL and the award you would like.

Soon these images will change, so if you want, please come back and see the New Millenium versions!

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Thank you for visiting my pages. Click here for those that I have given awards to and the others that have touched my heart.


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