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We are so lucky to have "rescued" our little Angel, Lady Katherine a.k.a. Kati. I responded to an ad because I was looking for a cocker spaniel. Sam didn't like my children too well, and snapped at my little one. When Sam's owner went to put him back in the car, this little ball of white fluff came bouncing out at us. Of course she kissed, licked and wagged her tail, and I was in love.

Kati is a mini American Eskimo (Eskie), because she stands about 14" tall and weighs 24 lbs. Our Vet keeps telling me to put her on a diet, cuz she did weigh almost 30 pounds at one time.

kati and two kids

Since coming to live with us, Kati has totally changed our lives. She knows when we're in a bad or sad mood, and will do everything in her power to change that. Kati still won't go in the bathroom though. Her former owners would put her in one while they were gone during the day. She doesn't like stairs (maybe "fell" down some) and she is still very leary of men. But she is a joy to have around. I can't say enough good things about her. (She honestly behaves better than the kids sometimes)

Kati is also prone to seizures. However, as long as we keep her from getting red meat or processed meat (bologna, ham, hamburg), she doesn't seem to have them. I know, around a house with three children it's hard to keep her from getting "people" food, but we try our best.

Waiting for Christmas

We've added another 'baby' to the family! Her name is Kassie. Click here to read and see her.

Update: We've had another addition to our family. His name is Shaggy Boombastacleget (don't ask me where the name came from). He is also a rescue. My neighbor had a cocker spaniel who was being taken to the vet. Knowing I do rescue, they brought him to me. He was all skin and bones and weighed in at about 13 lbs when he first came to us. He's since gained to about 30 lbs and is now my family's loyal protector...

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If you have an eskie page and would like to be listed here, please send me your eddress. Thank you.

Come back again. I'll be adding more pics of Kati and the kids and updates!!!

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