Response to John Doe

This is what was in my guestbook. I deleted it from the GB and put it here because I felt it deserved a response:

Name: John Doe
Referred by: Just Surfed On In!
Time: 1998 04-24 19:39:12

"Comments: Dear Mr. Fox Your site is great!!! I'm glad that you have these pictures on your site. There are two places in the world that you can hunt Wolves that is Canada (where you are located) and Alaska (where I'm located). These wolf lovers are losers. They need to do other things with there lives. With all of the wolves killing our Mountain Caribou and destroying our crops why wouldn't they let us hunt them. It's for our own good. Mr. Fox just tell these people to @#$% off. I know you aren't worried at all but just have fun and continue killing the wolves. And remember these kids are probably just 15 or 16 years of age. They need to live a little longer before they start trying to stop us from something that will never happen. We Will Always Hunt Wolves GET IT THROUGH YOUR SIMPLE HEADS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Mr. Fox you are probably sick and tired of these kids web pages but just remember there just kids."

**My Response to John Doe**

First John Doe, I did offer to post all opinions, and I'm true to my word.... However, I at least have the guts to post my name and email address rather than hide behind an alias and throw accusations, when you obviously don't know what you're talking about. Tom Fox is in the business of killing -- killing innocent animals, stalking them from a plane and shooting them. And for your information John Doe, HUNTING ANIMALS FROM MOTORIZED VEHICLES IS ILLEGAL IN ALASKA!!! (so go get caught)!

Secondly, since when did wolves become vegetarians? How can you possibly blame the destruction of crops on an animal that is a carnivore. Wolves play an important part in the ecosystem, and if anything, are preventing the destruction of your crops, by maintaining a healthy, managed stock of herbivores. If anything adds to the destruction of the land, it would have to be the domesticated livestock ("those fields of cows or plantations of sheep" as a friend put it) that has been introduced -- NOT BY THE WOLVES!

Third, I am neither a kid nor a loser. Although you happen to exhibit the mentality of a child, and spell worse! I happen to be a fully grown woman who has supported and raised three children on my own. I am a prominent woman in my community. I am involved in civic duties, and successfully defeated a destructive Town Project. I am highly regarded amongst my friends, (at least I have some) and in no way am I SIMPLE! At least I can spell correctly, and I don't have to resort to profanity (or bad grammar) to get my point across.

I do not hunt, because I do not see the sense in it. If hunting is necessary, it is not because of fools like you. People like you hunt wolves because they pose a threat to your supposed manhood, and the big game that you insist on killing for the sake of a trophy is a sad commentary.

And lastly "John Doe" if you would like to chat with me rather than hide behind your alias, I am sure that you will realize, that I am not what you claim. I would add that I am deeply offended by your words. Not because they are directed at me, but because your words are spoken out of true ignorance. Unlike yourself, I am willing to take a stand for what I believe in, and am not afraid to let people know what I think about people like you.

Sue / GraWolfe

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