Letters to Tom Fox, Owner of Fox Lake Outfitters

"I thought I'd send you a copy of the letter I sent Thomas Fox of Fox Lake fame. I guess I could've been a little nicer, or perhaps more serious, but I'm sure he gets plenty of those. I hope humans eventually make it past this irresponsible stage of our shared development. As for the rest of you guys, take a few minutes and compose a letter to this guy, if you could. It won't change the world, but you can have a little fun with it like I did, and who knows? Maybe he'll get a clue. Stranger things have happened. Either way, have a great weekend, all! Be well..."

"Subject: A question or two about Fox Lake...

Mr. Thomas W. Fox,

"I am somewhat puzzled after looking at your web page and I'm hoping you could answer a couple of questions I have concerning wolf hunting. I've hunted for almost 40 years, and it never made sense to me to hunt the coyotes here at home. They do a much better job of keeping the culls out of the gene pool in our local deer herds than the idiot tourist "hunters" ever could. (even though there's a million of them, shooting at each other half the time). The wolves in our mountains do just as good a job.

So when I saw wolves listed on your web page, I had to ask myself, what have I been missing? I do enjoy eating venison steaks, but it never dawned on me that eating dog would be just as good, if not better. So I thought I'd ask you, a man with obvious experience. How's it taste? Does it make good jerky? Wait a minute... I'll bet you don't even eat those wolves, do you? What are you doing killing something and not eating it? You're not another tourist "hunter" moron without a clue, are you? You like the idea of your deer, elk, moose, caribou, and sheep herds getting cull-bred to the point they're too stupid to find food? Or is that what happened to the foxes? You just want company? Is that it?"

"I understand, no one wants to be the odd man out. It's okay, really. I have a suggestion for you, Thomas. If you are so desperate to make a living that you have to resort to killing your natural allies there in B.C., you might consider another line of work. Any other line of work. Anyone clueless enough to kill the preditors in their ecosystem deserve all of the natural repercussions that always follow. You don't shoot at your neighbors, do you? Yes you do, as I could see by those pictures. Hunt the herd animals, you moron. Leave the wolves and bears alone. Try a class or two at your local school, that should help. And keep in mind one thing: there's a natural law called kharma. It states that what goes around, comes around. So wake up and behave at least responsibly, if not actually become aware, of your surroundings. If you think shooting wolves and bears is good for the testosterone, try sex some time. It's even better!!

Make sure you do that with another human, though. Leave those sheep out of the picture. Hope you weren't thinking that no one was watching..."


And from Linda....

"Dear Mr. Fox,

You have to be kidding. Wolf Killer....that's your job? I would ask you why.. but don't offer an answer because no doubt it is some moronic thing like control the population of the herds, packs, prides and flocks.... The real truth is you make a buck off some equally stupid sap who is out for a cheap ....oh excuse me expensive thrill....I took note...you are not cheap at all....stupid sap still stands.

Then you have the further stupidity to display these pictures with equally stupid perpetrators (the men not the wolves) on your site as if a great wonderful thing has just occurred. And these guys are all looking like they should be awarded something....how about coward of the century....nice going guys....how does it feel to shoot down defenseless wolves for no reason other than you can...that makes a real statement doesn't it?

You want to be real men...flex a little muscle? Then take up your bowie knives and challenge a grizzly. Oh never mind you don't have tell me....its a bit more of a rush than you care to take on in life...right?....what can one expect from the coward behind the gun...its much easier to stay a long distance from the danger with a high-powered rifle and scope.....what kind of a hunt is that? Bottom line....it is not a hunt it is a slaughter...and you make a living at it.

Nice going guy...how does it feel to be part of the blight on the earth....or kin to the scum at the bottom of the lake....Fox Lake in this case!! It will be interesting when you again stand before the Creator and explain why you spent a lifetime leading others in the destruction of his creatures for none other than a few dollars.

Life well spent guy!!"


And from RunningDeerWolf....

Dear Mr. Fox,

You can not be serious to have set up this site to advertise "murder by trade"... You must be kidding. How can you seriously equate this cheap thrill as a "profession" I ask you? Hunting for survival is NOT a necessity in today's day and age where food is readily available in any grocery store, I can't see that what you do as justifiable.

The fact that you ignorantly display these pictures with other killers of the same nature as yourself just boggles my mind. Can it really be such an "manly" accomplishment to hide behind high-powered rifles and kill defenseless animals (from a distance at that)? Heck, if it's a "mans" high you are looking for, why not put all your weapons down and walk into a wolf's den empty handed? Why not have an even fight - their skills against your own human ones? At least this would be a better rush and on equal footing.

It doesn't matter how you look at it or phrase it, pointless killing is just that.... pointless. There is a saying that what goes around, comes around and you only need wait for it to become your turn.

RDW -- Save the Wolf!

and from James:

To: Tom Fox

Takes a real big, "great white hunter" to go out and kill, no "murder"a wolf, why? NO wolf has ever killed a man! Lets get it out in the open about the killing of wolves.

1. Do they (your hunters) eat the wolf after the kill, NO!

2. Why are wolves allowed to be shot? Very easy answer, they (the wolves that is, in order to live), take down animals that the "great white hunter" wants to kill. There are more than enough deer and elk to go around.

Man wants the wolf dead. Does the wolf want man dead? It is people like me that feel that the killing of the wolf should stop.

James Denand

and from Joanne -- a viewpoint from another BC resident:

To: Tom Fox
From: Joanne
Subject: YOUR SITE

You ought to be downright ashamed of yourself putting up this site... THERE is absolutely no redeeming qualities in this for any one, and who needs this information ... AND to put the BC FLAG UP and say you are located in NORTHERN BRITISH COLUMBIA.. How dare you represent yourselves and our PROVINCE to the www (world wide web) like this...

You are not civilized humans, you are babarians, and perform random acts of killing, killers. Is this something to be proud of and to show to the world who you are??? Have you no dignity or pride??? Animals do. I know now why wolf stays clear of man!

At least if you have to express and brag about your sickness, hide in a cave where you belong. Although I think cavemen had more decency and consideration. They only killed for food..... I am ashamed to even live in the same province as you people.. What is the matter, you do not qualify for a real job?

One day the tables will turn and the animals will have the guns and sell your hides... I await that day of ** DIVINE JUSTICE*** for it comes to all of those who break the laws of nature..

Jo Anna C. Hartman,Terrace BC Canada

and from Chris aka Wolven:

Subject: Hello
Date: Sun, 3 May 1998 12:06:20 EDT
From: Wolven69
To: Tom Fox

Hello Mr. Fox,

I would like to say that I find your business absolutely repulsive. Your web site is in the absolute worst taste! First of all, you have a picture of all these animals living in all their glory posted on your front page, and then advertise the killing of these animals on the rest of these pages. Why not post a picture of the carcasses, torn and bloodied, on your front page?

That is what you are selling, are you not?? Why hide behind the glory of nature to sell your bloody business for the sake of greed? Do you think that a business based on tracking down unarmed helpless humans with the use of high power rifles, snow mobiles, helicopters, etc. would fly? I would say not! And why would that be? Because it is inhumane! Why should your greedy business be considered any different? If you consider this sport, maybe the animals should have guns. Then they could track you down and kill you the way your customers have been doing to them. If the animals shot back, do you think you would have a business? I doubt it, because most of your customers are cowards!

Next, I would like to say that your actions in having Geocities shut down the web sites of those who oppose you was pure cowardice on your part! I have seen your web site before and not until recently have you posted copyright information! I don't know about the laws in Canada, but in the US, copyright must be correctly displayed for said property to be protected. Even what you have posted now could not be considered proper copyright information! So how can you claim copyright infringement!? The damage has been done though, and do you seriously think that there will not be repercussions? You may have just dug your own proverbial grave as it were. I certainly do not wish you any kind of luck in damage control.


Wolven / Christopher

From Lynn:

I have only one comment to make, and perhaps you could also send it to Mr. Fox. If he is so into hunting for profit, why doesn't he offer the hunters something really different and unique... Let HIM run from the airplanes while these hunters shoot at him with high powered rifles??? Now that would be real sport, don't you think????

From Barbara:

Subj: Hunting
Date: 98-11-20 11:23:12 EST
From: ToBfehr
To: Tom Fox

If I had put any other listing under "subject" you wouldn't have opened this email. I thought about a subject heading like... "Sick", "Murderer", "Un-necessary", "Evil", too many titles come to mind.

You are defenitely one sick person to be displaying all these pictures of helpless animals being slaughtered by men who feel they have to "excert" their manliness through killing and slaughtering in order to promote your business. Especially the way it is done, with high powered rifles, airplanes, snowmobiles, that is not a "sport", that is just out and out slaughter by men who otherwise don't have the balls to be out in the wilderness if it weren't for the "convenience" you offer them with a "trophy" at the end of their so called "hunting" trip.

I always have thought of B.C. as one beautiful place to visit, but you certainly have given it a vile name with your website and it will leave a bad taste in my mouth everytime someone mentions it from now on.

And from Meghan

I sent a letter to the premier of B.C. voicing my concern about the wolf slaughter. They sent a response stating that wolves are destroyed only when they pose a threat to livestock. I wasn't fooled and sent them this response.

Thank you for your response regarding wolf control in British Columbia; I have to admit however, that I am somewhat confused. Controlling livestock - killing wolves does not explain why it is possible for the general public to purchase a $26.00 hunting license to kill wolves in B. C. It certainly does not explain the grinning fools pictured at the Fox Lake Site bending over the bodies of freshly murdered wolves. These guys certainly do not appear to be wildlife management officials; rather, they appear to be affluent fat-cats on safari, gloating over the kill. Please explain to me what is going on at Fox Lake Outfitters in B.C. And further, how many other establishments of this kind exist in Canada? While I appreciate your response, I am definitely not satisfied with it. These hunters may bring dollars into Canada, but let me reiterate that I know quite a few affluent people who would think twice about vacationing in Canada if they saw what is happening to wolves there.

Believe me, I will let them know.

And for the Response from the Premier:

From: Premier's Correspondence Branch
To: 'Fubar'
Date: Monday, November 09, 1998 3:40 PM
Subject: RE: wolf slaughter

Dear Ms. King:

Thank you for your email letter of September 30, 1998. I apologize for the delay in my response. Certainly the attitude displayed by some hunters is distasteful and offensive. Hunting is a moral decision based on one's values, attitudes and lifestyle, all influenced by a person's exposure to different values. Ethical hunters believe in a code of conduct in which the emphasis is placed on the quality of the hunting experience and the way in which the hunt is conducted. They have a respect not only for those around them but also for the animals they hunt. They know that good ethics are essential as a means of gaining the respect and understanding of non-hunters. Unfortunately, it is impossible to legislate good ethics or mature behaviour. In hunting, as in every sport and in all walks of life, there are those who will embarrass and offend.

Commercial guiding of big game hunters has been an important activity in British Columbia virtually since white settlement. There are 258 guide areas in British Columbia, each assigned to a licensed guide outfitter who may employ assistant guides. They guide approximately 4,000 non-resident hunters each year. Guide outfitters have become increasingly involved in wildlife management projects. They are cooperating with wildlife managers by sharing their special knowledge of game populations in their areas and by providing manpower and equipment on habitat enhancement projects. Most importantly too, the guide outfitting industry provides significant economic stimulus to many small, rural communities throughout the Province, where family units realize opportunities to complement other forms of part-time seasonal employment. Several other client groups, anglers, photographers, trailriders and wilderness vacationers likely equal the hunting component of a guide outfitter's business.

There are 10 big game species which may legally be hunted in British Columbia by resident and non-resident legally licenced hunters, wolves being one of them. Hunting of each of these species is thoroughly regulated and carefully monitored. As I advised you in my previous response, wolves have been flourishing in the province over the past ten years with an estimated population of 8000 in B.C. An average of 45 wolves have been taken by guided clients annually over the past ten years. We will not allow the wildlife of our province to be regarded as a means to make money or a commodity to be traded. Operations of guide outfitters are carefully monitored by wildlife management and enforcement authorities to ensure compliance with all laws and regulations governing the quality and safety of a hunt and the harvest of big game animals.

In telling you this, I am not trying to convince you of the rightness or wrongness of hunting wolves. However, hunting is a very important activity to many people, and it is our responsibility to regulate that activity. You may be assured that under no circumstances will unethical hunting practices, or hunting which threatens conservation of a species, be condoned.

Fox Lake Outfitters is a member of the Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia. This Association places considerable emphasis on high standards of quality and professional practice before its members. It has a code of ethics to which it expects its members to adhere in providing services to their clients. If you would care to make your views known to the Association, its address is P.O. Box 94676, Richmond, B.C. V6Y 4A4.

Thank you for again for writing.

Glen Clark

Do you think he adequately answered?

Here's a different but like response: Grawolfe,

Although my Native American heritage is very small, 1/16 Ojibwa/Chippawa. I still practice the art and crafts of my distant fathers. Not too many years ago I was honored by Silver Hawk (Sioux) at a vision quest and given the name Lame Coyote. Lame because of my physical afflictions, and Coyote because of my cunning. I tell you this to set a background for what I am about to tell you about your website and the struggle of the Fox Lake Outfitters.

My grandfathers and their grandfathers before them hunted. They hunted for food, clothes and shelter. They wasted nothing, using the bones for bead work, buttons, etc. The sinew was dried and used for thread to sew the animals hides together to make clothes and shelters using the bone needles made from the very bones of the killed animal.

It is an outrage that people (Mostly white men) hunt for sport. I doubt that any of the hunters depicted in Mr. Fox's website even ate the meat of the animal they killed so senselessly. Not to mention they used every scrap of the carcass as did my grandfathers.

I now hunt and live in Colorado where the slaughter of wildlife continues. But I hunt with a camera. I feel I am carrying on my ancestors example of using all the scraps of my "Hunt." I leave the animal intact and carry away all of the animal in an everlasting memory immortalized in a picture.

Perhaps your answer to the struggles with Mr. Fox is not, as he calls it, stealing his pictures but providing links to his website and letting others make their own judgment as to his evil business....

Thank you for you time,

Lame Coyote

From: Spirit of Wolf

Foxlake Outfitters,

Why do you feel that you have the right to accept money from people for the purpose of mudering all those beautiful animals??? What have they ever done to you that you help other people to hunt them down and murder them for TROPHIES!!!!!!!!. I bet that you don't even use the meat from these animals, so it is not a case of killing for food, but instead MURDER FOR HIRE!!!!!!!

Now regarding your pics of hunters with WOLVES THEY HAVE MURDERED, it is disgusting and sickening!!!!!!!!!!!. What have these beautiful animals ever done to you that you murder them, it sure isn't for food. I'll bet you can't give me an logical expanation about why you run a MURDER FOR HIRE business, except for the MONEY.

Just remember what goes around comes around and soon the HUNTER WILL BECOME THE HUNTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!, then maybe we will see pics of the animals proudly showing you and all the other hunters as their TROPHIES!!, but the truth is that these beautiful animals would not do to you what you do to them because they have more respect for life and the ability to decern right from wrong, BETTER THAN YOU EVER WILL. You may think that you are macho men, but, in fact you are brainless, uncaring scum of the EARTH and remember this, IT'S NOT GOOD TO MESS WITH MOTHER NATURE!! I am sending your website to everyone I know and asking them to write to you, call you and complain about your MURDER FOR HIRE business and also we will do all we can to get your site pulled from the internet and also to shut your business down. Remember this, there are only a few of you, but there are thousands of us and we will fight to make you STOP THE KILLING OF INNOCENT ANIMALS!!!!!

I do not expect you to answer this letter, because you do not have the ability to understand what I am trying to say to you and when it comes to a battle of wit, I do not challenge those who are only half-loaded. If you have the ability to communicate beyond grunts and growls, then I guess you might respond to this letter, but I doubt it.

Just remember all the animals and the animal rights groups will be watching you.

Spirit of Wolf

Thank you all!!!

Perhaps some don't know..... Tom Fox lives in Pennsylvania!!!! He books these "hunts" from PA, and flies into B.C. from PA!!

Because Tom Fox is a snivelling brat, changes have been made to my pages. Please see the "Stupid Slaughter" and "John Doe" links below for more... Please find out some more of the feelings that some people have regarding this kind of inhuman "hunting". I would like to add that these men do not "stalk" or "hunt" their prey, they fly around in an airplane and shoot their quarry from the sky. Big "white men" with their "big guns"??? I don't think much of anyone that can kill in this fashion.

If anyone else would like to post a copy of their letter or a link to their page here, please feel free to send it to me and I will post as many as I can.