The Truth about
Little Red Riding Hood

This is what really happened.......

Brother Wolf was new to the woods that were near the town where Red Ridinghood and her mother lived. He was looking for his family, after having become separated from them, while heading to their home in Yellowstone National Park. They had been visiting another wolf family, who had just had a new litter of pups.

As they were crossing public land, they discovered cattle grazing on their land and were not sure what to do, so they stayed to the far side, away from the cattle and proceeded on. But all of a sudden, people started shooting at them and they did not know why. What had they done? Why were they being shot at. They had done nothing wrong! They scattered and ran for their lives, not knowing where each had run to.

Brother Wolf ran into the woods and hid, hoping the people would not find him. He hid for two days and then ventured out to look for food because he was so hungry and yet still very scared. As he walked along in the forest, he saw Red Ridinghood, so he hid again. But Red Ridinghood had already seen him and tried coaxing him to her with the offer of food. He was very scared, but also very hungry, so he slowly approached Red Ridinghood. She laid some food on the ground and watched as Brother Wolf approached and quickly gobbled up the food, but he was still very hungry and again Red Ridinghood put down some more food for him and again he gobbled it up. The whole time that this was going on, Red Ridinghood was talking very softly and nice to Brother Wolf and he was not afraid anymore. He knew that most people were not to be trusted, but he thought that Red Ridinghood really wanted to help him.

What he did not know, was that Red Ridinghood knew that Ed Bangs was looking for him and she wanted to capture him and get paid helping to kill off the wolf population and she knew that Ed Bangs, of the FWS, who was supposed to be protecting all the wolves, was in fact, killing the wolves to protect the people who had cattle and sheep. He was a sheep in wolf skin, so he could make everyone believe that he was on the side of the wolf, when in fact, he was on the side of the ranchers.

Red Ridinghood said to Brother Wolf that she had no more food, but if he would follow her to her Grandmother's house, her Grandmother would give him some more food. She told Brother Wolf that she would be right back, that she had to go tell her mother that she was going to her Grandma's house. What Red Ridinghood really did was place a call to the man at FWS, told him she had found the wolf and they were going to her Grandmother's house and to be there waiting for them and to make sure he brought the money!

The FWS man got to Red Ridinghood's Grandmother's house way ahead of Red Ridinghood and Brother Wolf and tied up and gagged Red Ridinghood's Grandmother, locked her in a closet and then dressed up as Red Ridinghood's Grandmother, so Brother Wolf would not know who he was. He had a steel leg-hold trap just under the edge of the bed, hoping that Brother Wolf would come close enough to the bed to step in the trap, but just in case, he had a federal hunter waiting outside, dressed as a wood cutter and carrying a concealed gun, just in case Brother Wolf tried to escape his trap.

When Brother Wolf and Red Ridinghood got to her Grandmother's house, Brother Wolf became nervous, because he was not used to people, except for Red Ridinghood, whom he thought was his friend. He did not want to go into the house, but Red told him that there was lots of food in her Grandmother's house, so he went in with her. There in a bed lay Red Ridinghood's Grandmother, alias the FWS man, who said to Brother Wolf to come closer so she could see him better. Brother Wolf slowly approached and just as he was about even with the side of Grandmother's bed, he heard a long wolf howl, a howl that told him he was in danger. Brother Wolf ran for the open door, only to be confronted by the woodcutter, with a gun in his hand. He did not know what to do, the FWS man was right behind him and the woodcutter was right in front of him. All of a sudden there were hundreds of people coming out of the woods, some with cameras and taking pictures, others surrounded the FWS man and the woodcutter/federal hunter and forced them to let Brother Wolf go. Who were all of these people that had come to his aid?

Then the leader of all the people spoke to Brother Wolf and told him, although we are people, we are your brothers and sisters in the Spirit of the Wolf and we will always be around to protect you and all wolves everywhere. Brother Wolf did not know what to think, but he knew that this person had spoken the truth and he had nothing more to fear.

All of a sudden, Brother Wolf's whole family came running from the woods to greet him and they played and romped and thanked the Great Spirit that they were together again. Brother Wolf's family howled their thank you's and goodbyes and headed for home.

As for Red Ridinghood, she was arrested for taking an endangered species for monetary gain and put in jail.

As for Ed Bangs, he was demoted to animal tracker/hunter. His new job was to hunt Grizzley Bears with a switch!!!!!!!!!

~Author Unknown~

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