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All of us - all animals are happiest when we are understood.

I feel that we, as human beings, are responsible for the wolves and MUST do what we can to protect them!

I hope I don't confuse you. More Stuff has been expanded to include several causes and news related items that are dear to my heart. There is a table below for you to continue within this category.

The Truth about
Little Red Riding Hood

The wolf plays a vital role in the lives of the other predators; ravens, bald eagles and coyotes. It is not too often we see in the print media how a wolf kill feeds so many other animals. Now, if we can just get the people to not feel so threatened about fluffy and grandma being eaten, and the hunters to stop being worried that 11,000 elk are not enough for them to kill.

Downes Rejected!

1/13/00 - DENVER (Reuters) - Appeals Court: Wolves Can Stay in Yellowstone - Gray wolves can stay in Yellowstone National Park, a Federal Appeals Court panel said on Thursday, reversing an order by a lower court in Wyoming that had ordered them removed.

U.S. Court Says Yellowstone Wolves Can Stay

1/13/00: DENVER (Reuters) - A Federal Appeals Court panel on Thursday ordered a reprieve for the thriving gray wolves of Yellowstone National Park, handing a victory to environmentalists and a defeat to ranchers. In a 3-0 vote the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Denver reversed a Wyoming lower court ruling that the wolves, regarded by ranchers as livestock predators, be removed. "The wolves are here to stay. It's a great day for wolves," Mark Van Putten, president of the National Wildlife Federation, said by telephone from Washington.

and... "The District Court's Order to set aside the entire Reintroduction Program and remove the reintroduced wolves was an error and an abuse of discretion that MUST BE VACATED". Good news for the Wolves of Yellowstone and Idaho!

We should commend the Supreme Court and the Court of Appeals in making Chad McKittrick serve his sentence. He knew he was killing a wolf, and did it anyway!

The practice of Salt-Baiting is occuring right on the Yellowstone border. There are pics of Salt pits and information. We need to put a stop to this illegal practice and call for a 3-mile hunting ban in the affected area.

Click here for more info!

Maine Wolf Coalition


Please click here to see what you can do to help the Buffalo!

The Mexican Gray Wolf Reintroduction Program is in trouble because of the ignorance and unfounded fear of Arizona residents/farmers (and even some govt officials). We need to support the reintroduction of the Mexican Gray Wolf. Click here for more info.

Pets OK! - If any of us are traveling or relocating or for any reason we are in a strange town with our best friends, "What do we do if they need to see a Vet?". Or what if you are traveling and want to know "pet-friendly" hotels/motels to stay in. This is a great resource.

"Wolves, like all other wildlife,
have a right to exist
in a wild state. This right is in no way related to
their known value to mankind. Instead, it derives from
the right of all living creatures to co-exist with
[us] as part of the natural ecosystem."
-Manifesto on Wolf Conservation
World Conservation Union

Please click here to read a heartwarming article. This is evidence that man can learn to live with and respect the wolf!

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Info on Holbrook, Coe, Lyman, Seymour and Wetmore Families.

Keeper of the Animals
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Please support all Endangered Species

For more Wildlife News and to learn how you can help, Click here.

and now some more of my friends......
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Altair, I shall miss you....
Our Adopted wolf, Chetan....
Chani, you were so special....
Orca, my heart is with you....
Rachael, in you, Altair lives on....
Alyeska, you beautiful one....
Socrates, special in your own way....

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