Response 2
Response 2

December 15, 1998 (see below)
I wrote the Premier of British Columbia (and was later told it wouldn't make a difference). I sent a copy to Tom Fox out of courtesy, yes courtesy. What follows is an email exchange. So far, I have not heard back from this "man" and to be honest, don't think I will as he doesn't appear to have guts enough to go one on one. See what you think.....

at: 9:05 p.m., 5/05/98
Subject: Fox Lake Outfitters
cc: Tom Fox


I was reading your environmental page, where you boast of "large areas of pristine wilderness and original forests, and a wealth of biological diversity" and all that is being done to maintain it. You even go as far as to say: "maintain British Columbia's ecological diversity through the preservation of representative, and special natural ecosystems, plant and animal species, features and phenomena."

One thing you are NOT doing is preventing Tom Fox and the clients of Fox Lake Outfitters from entering your province and killing animals from his plane! Then he has the audacity to post pictures of the killers and their quarry and represent himself as a resident of BC. We have been able to determine that Tom Fox actually resides in the Greensboro, Pennsylvania, USA, and personally, I was wondering if you knew this was happening.

Tom Fox shoots YOUR animals by spotting them from a plane. This is in no way to be considered a "hunt", it is just plain murder for hire, and YOUR GOVERNMENT benefits by the receipt of a "Kill" or "License" fee for the type of quarry that is taken. Do you have an actual arrangement with this man and his company, that allows profit from "sport" killing of Caribou? Bear? Stone Sheep? Wolf? and other animals from YOUR pristine ecosystem? How can you call it pristine, when these barbarians are allowed to trample and kill off your animals?

I was also wondering, knowing that you depend heavily upon the tourist trade, how it would affect your "laws" if the tourists stopped coming to your province because of actions by the likes of Tom Fox, and your government enabling him and profitting from his actions. I was just wondering.....


Susan / GraWolfe

Date: Tue, 05 May 1998 21:43:04 -0700
From: "Thomas W. Fox"
Organization: Fox Lake Outfitters
To: GraWolfe
Subject: Re: Fox Lake Outfitters

Ms. Grawolfe,

I am sorry that you were so misinformed. We do not own a plane and we positively do not hunt from planes.

We do offer a pristine wilderness area where you could come for a photo safari or a rafting trip or a back pack trip to view fauna and flora. My outfitter and all of his guides are residents of B.C. and we fall under the strictest of hunting laws in the world. Please understand that when I am emailed such distortions I feel that you probably have not even visited the great country of Canada nor enjoyed the true majestic scenery.

You were correct in my address, but I do not see where that makes any difference.. Lastly I would like to say, we hope that you would visit sometime and enjoy rather then sending nasty messages that have no merit.

Tom Fox Pres.
Fox Lake Outfitters,LTD

(I almost didn't think this was really from him, as it is pretty devoid of spelling errors, and the grammar doesn't fit past exchanges.... but please read on....

10:00 pm est 5/05/98
To: Tom Fox

What are those planes doing in the photos? You just happen to be standing next to one with your dead wolf? And, are you trying to say, you actually offer and subordinate a fair hunt?

Second, I am not so misinformed and I have been to Canada! It is a beautiful country and people like you and your outfitters and guides, (no matter where you/they reside) are causing that pristine wilderness and ecosystem, to go so far off balance, I wonder it's lasted this long. If you offer a Photo safari etc., why is it not "advertised" on your web site, or is that another lie as you and Jeff are so famous for.

Third, I have been involved in this dispute of yours and have seen all the emails. I cannot and will not in any way, condone your actions as they are one of a coward. BTW, might I add that your flimsy excuse of a disclaimer doesn't cut it! First, it doesn't state that those photos are property of and/or owned by. 2nd, you haven't bothered to prove ownership or written permissions. 3rd, it didn't go up until 4/26/98 (3 months after we learned of your site). And 4th, it is still missing from several of your pages.

I am not going to continue exchanging emails with you as it is obvious the calibre of "man" I am dealing with and I shall never change my mind or my opinion. What you are doing is WRONG! and one day (although I highly doubt it) you will see yourself as others do, and it won't be a pretty picture.

Sue / GraWolfe
IF Tom Fox replies, I shall post it here... to date (05/31/06), I haven't heard back him.

Date: Fri, 29 May 1998 18:37:06 -0700
From: "Premier CPCS:EX" < >
Subject: RE: Fox Lake Outfitters
To: "''"

"Guided hunting and other uses of wildlife are regulated in BC under the Wildlife Act, with priority given to maintaining healthy, diverse wildlife populations. If you've a concern about a specific hunting or guiding activity, I suggest you follow up with a local office of the Ministry of Environment, Lands and Parks, which has the responsibility for wildlife management and enforcement."

Glen Clark
Are you impressed? This letter was not sent confidentially, nor were any letters on this page... they are MY property and I saw fit to share them with you.

I firmly believe what Tom Fox is doing is wrong. I had a chance to visit Wolf Hollow and was entranced. (You can see my pics by clicking here.) Even with a fence between us, I connected with two wolves (who we later adopted). It was so emotionally charged that I was brought to tears... I was even further brought to tears when Joni Soffron started telling us of all the inhumane things that have been done to the wolf over the last century.

Tom Fox can never have that feeling, and in a way, I almost feel sorry for him. (okay, I won't go that far) People that hunt for "sport" or for the "thrill of the kill" don't deserve to share the same space with me. I've been attacked already for being a wolf loving loser, that needs to get a life, etc., as I'm sure a lot of us "pro-wolf" supporters have heard... However, I'm not going to cry, run or hide from this issue. I feel strongly about it and have the right to express my feelings and opinions.

A friend, Joanne told me: "Well good for you .. but the PRIME MINISTER here does not much care about anyone.. sorry to say.. the world is in a horrible state. They just caught two helicopter trophy hunters.. * illegal to use Helicopters because it's not fair.. * THEY killed a mama bear coming out of hibernation and we are now feeding the poor babies.. man it is so sad...

hmmmmm, illegal to use helicopters = flying?)

I think that if enough people write to the Prime Minister at then he may not have a choice but to listen... and imagine what the Government would do if their tourist trade was to suddenly drop off!!!

Here is another letter:

I sent a letter to the premier of B.C. voicing my concern about the wolf slaughter. They sent a response stating that wolves are destroyed only when they pose a threat to livestock. I wasn't fooled and sent them this response.

Thank you for your response regarding wolf control in British Columbia; I have to admit however, that I am somewhat confused. Controlling livestock-killing wolves does not explain why it is possible for the general public to purchase a $26.00 hunting license to kill wolves in B. C. It certainly does not explain the grinning fools pictured at Fox Lake Outfitters bending over the bodies of freshly murdered wolves. These guys certainly do not appear to be wildlife management officials; rather, they appear to be affluent fat-cats on safari, gloating over the kill. Please explain to me what is going on at Fox Lake Outfitters in B.C. And further, how many other establishments of this kind exist in Canada? While I appreciate your response, I am definitely not satisfied with it. These hunters may bring dollars into Canada, but let me reiterate that I know quite a few affluent people who would think twice about vacationing in Canada if they saw what is happening to wolves there.

Believe me, I will let them know.

Most Sincerely,
Megan King
Columbus, Ohio

If anyone else would like to post a copy of their letter or a link to their page here, please feel free to send it to me and I will post as many as I can.