Stupid Slaughter

It would appear that the Fox Lake Outfitter site is down. I don't know if it's the pressure that people have put upon them -OR- maybe they are out of business! (too much to hope for). Additionally, the number 888-4-foxlake is no longer in service.

This means that most of the links to the horrid images or to Fox Lake Outfitters will not work.

The link actually take you to a "Fox Lake Outfitters" site owned by It appears that it's an advertising site, but doesn't look like Fox Lake actually "sells" anything.

Mr. Thomas W. Fox of Fox Lake Outfitters, out of British Columbia, sold "hunts" for game (anything that had four legs including wolves). He charged many "men" thousands of dollars to hunt this game on foot, 4-wheelers, and airplanes. When I copied those photos in January, 1998, there was no copyright notice on any of his pages.

5/05/98 10:00 p.m. est -- I wrote the Premier of British Columbia, where Tom Fox did his business. Please click here to see the email "discussion" that followed.

People like Tom Fox and his clients are dangerous. What gives them the right to take the life of any other living creature, especially those that are in danger of being driven right over the edge from endangered to extinction! Thinking about the amount of money this guy makes for setting up God's beautiful creatures for the slaughter! All in the name of "sport". Killing for GREED. Killing for the sake of a "TROPHY".

Education is the Key!

Other good sites that promote educating the public to this disgrace of the hunters!!

Please be sure to visit Kat's Korner...and the Hunter's Wall of Shame. She has added other outfitters in the same business. It is a wonderful site to visit lots of information and beautiful graphics, and I am proud to call her "friend".

If you would like to participate in an awareness project write will send you a zipped file with html and all of the pictures and graphics attached....all you will have to do is upload to your server. You may insert your own information but please keep the main text the same. You will be a mirror site to her site.

I have posted copies of letters sent to Tom Fox (so far). Please click this link to "Response Letters", and read on.

Also, for your enjoyment and amusement, please click this "John Doe" link.... I think you'll enjoy it.

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